From the Beginning

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a little over six months now. Now some say you can’t really know who your person is while still so young, but the circumstances that my boyfriend and I were in we believed couldn’t possibly be coincidental. He moved from Utah to North Carolina with his family the same year I moved from New York to North Carolina with my family. We both started working at the same place within a few weeks of each other even though I’d originally had no intention of working where I do now, and we’ve been there about a year. Here’s the thing. I was known for going through lots of guys, most of them didn’t make it more than a few weeks, maybe a month or two. That wasn’t necessarily their faults. It’s just that as I got to know them, I realized that I couldn’t imagine being with them for a longer period of time or having a future with them. It wouldn’t be fair to let them get attached and then let them go. However, I started my job in July of 2017, and I dated three guys between then and November 2017. That’s when I was put up front to cashier for the first time instead of being in the back for stocking. My now-boyfriend, Brett, wasn’t too good with the first time we met because as he put it, he’s not good with girls that he thinks are cute.  So a few weeks pass by, we got along really well and I found that I’d never been happier to be around a person, even if it was during work. I gave him my number and that next day I was sick, so I had to stay home from school. I was miserable and could hardly breathe half the day because everything was congested up. But guess who kept me company throughout the entire day and got to know me? Brett, of course. We texted so often that it drove my parents crazy, because I’m usually the type to be constantly busy. A few weeks later we had our first date, and after that first date we were a couple. Six months later I’m still happy to be called his. My parents don’t like my boyfriend because they say he’s “not in my league.” Well, for me, he’s my Hallmark Guy, and they can’t change that. For those of you who do or do not know about Hallmark, literally all of the movies are romantic ones. It usually so happens that “coincidentally” the guy and the girl meet, and they fall in love by the end, even if it’s the most unlikely couple imaginable. The guy is always so sweet and looks at the girl like she’s his world. That’s me and my boyfriend. The most unlikely couple, but here we are, and if I could go back, I still wouldn’t choose differently.